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Ryan Rix ry at
Sun Aug 29 05:11:44 BST 2010

One and all,

Thanks for the feedback, I think i've addressed everyone's feedback.

* updated (Albert, can you verify that I Got It Right that time?)
* Addressed Richard Moore's suggestions... There are still no dptrs, because 
users aren't supposed to link with the kpart; it's loaded using the plugin 
* I removed the createConfigurationInterface hack with the advice of Aaron. 
Users of the kpart will have to write their own applet selector, and they can 
get a list of running applets by using m_part->property("activeApplets"), and 
can add new applets by connecting to the kpart and emitting an 
addApplet(QString) signal.
* Addressed most of the Krazy issues. The scripting/ licensing stuff is 
Aaron's business as I'm not sure of the validity of editing other peoples' 
copyright headers.


On Thu 12 August 2010 23:54:50 Ryan Rix wrote:
> Moin moin,
> I've moved PlasmaKPart, a KPart which can be used by any application who
> wishes to enable a dashboard/summary page in their application, into
> kdereview. PlasmaKPart leverages the Plasma Development Platform to do
> most of the work for any developer; the only thing really left for
> developers is the development of the widgets, which can either be done
> using Plasma or using QWidgets easily wrapped in Plasma objects.
> The documentation on this KPart, including the details to implement
> Plasma object injection using the Plasma::PluginLoader API (already in
> trunk) currently resides as a work in progress at
> .
> It will be completed over the next 24 hours.
> There are no dependencies for this code outside of kdelibs and
> kdebase/runtime (as far as I can tell).
> There is currently in plasmakaprt/shell a testing/example shell which
> will show the minimal amount of work necessary to deploy this kpart as
> well as the Plasma::PluginLoader API.
> This code is directly related to my Google Summer of Code work. The plan
> is to move this into kdebase-runtime.
> Best,
> Ryan Rix
> PS: I may be out of sync a little bit over the next two to three days as
> I move in and transition to dorm life for my first year of university.

Ryan Rix
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