New network interfaces KCM

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Fri Aug 20 09:09:05 BST 2010

On 20/08/2010 01:23, David Hubner wrote:
>   Hi,
> I have put a new KCM into kdeexamples that is for KInfoCenter to replace 
> the old network interfaces KCM.
> Please, if you are feeling in a beta testing kind of mood, test and 
> provide feedback. The blog post about the interface, with screenshots is 
> at 

Looks promising! I haven't tried it, but here are a few comments based
on this screenshot:

* When an interface is not connected, I would suggest not showing the
red arrow + empty "Subnet" box except if you can show interesting
information in the "Subnet" box. In this case I would suggest a red
cross instead of a red arrow.

* Boxes on the right should all be of the same width.

* In the lower part of the boxes, keys should be right-aligned and
values left aligned, so that all colons are vertically aligned.
Something like this:

        IP Address:
   Gateway Address:
  Hardware Address: 00:1F:1F:6F:7F:29

* As for filtering the list with tabs and window size issues, I would
suggest using a more "web-like" approach:

1. get rid of the tabs and add a line of clickable
labels at the top. Something like this:

  All Interfaces | _Wired Interfaces_ | _Wireless Interfaces_

(In this example "All Interfaces" is the current one and the two others
are clickable)

2. put the actual content of the tab in a QScrollArea so that one can
scroll it if it's too big.

* I personally likes the use of boxes in this case as they feel like
representing an hardware device, but maybe the background color of the
page and the boxes should be different. I would suggest keeping the
QPalette::Window (gray) color for the box background but use the
QPalette::Base (white) color for the page background.


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