PlasmaKPart moved to kdereview

Ryan Rix ry at
Thu Aug 19 21:25:27 BST 2010

Albert, Aaron, Richard,

Sorry for the delay on this... I'm all settled into my dorms now, I'll be 
hacking on all of this starting tonight.


On Thu 12 August 2010 23:54:50 Ryan Rix wrote:
> Moin moin,
> I've moved PlasmaKPart, a KPart which can be used by any application who
> wishes to enable a dashboard/summary page in their application, into
> kdereview. PlasmaKPart leverages the Plasma Development Platform to do
> most of the work for any developer; the only thing really left for
> developers is the development of the widgets, which can either be done
> using Plasma or using QWidgets easily wrapped in Plasma objects.
> The documentation on this KPart, including the details to implement
> Plasma object injection using the Plasma::PluginLoader API (already in
> trunk) currently resides as a work in progress at
> .
> It will be completed over the next 24 hours.
> There are no dependencies for this code outside of kdelibs and
> kdebase/runtime (as far as I can tell).
> There is currently in plasmakaprt/shell a testing/example shell which
> will show the minimal amount of work necessary to deploy this kpart as
> well as the Plasma::PluginLoader API.
> This code is directly related to my Google Summer of Code work. The plan
> is to move this into kdebase-runtime.
> Best,
> Ryan Rix
> PS: I may be out of sync a little bit over the next two to three days as
> I move in and transition to dorm life for my first year of university.

Ryan Rix
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