Move kppp away from kdenetwork

Harri Porten porten at
Mon Aug 16 20:17:57 BST 2010


On Mon, 16 Aug 2010, Andras Mantia wrote:

> Remember, that dial-up doesn't only mean 56k modems, but also mobile
> internet as well. Until not so long ago I used such a connection, using
> a WCDMA network (was 1 Mbps down, should be higher bandwidth these
> days).

Speaking as the (last active maintainer) of kppp: from mails that still 
reach me I can confirm that a lot of people use kppp to connect their 
mobile phone to their laptop.

As I lack the hardware to really maintain kppp myself anymore I won't 
heavily insist on keeping it in kdenetwork. But I nevertheless believe it 
fits there quite well and isn't less fitting than the rest of applications 
in the module.


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