Move kppp away from kdenetwork

Andriy Rysin arysin at
Sun Aug 15 23:33:44 BST 2010

2010/8/15 Eckhart W├Ârner <ewoerner at>

> Hi everybody,
> I want to open another "slaughtering old stuff" thread, this time it's
> about
> kppp. :-)
> 1) Mobile broadband today is handled by tools like NetworkManager in a much
> more automated way.
> 2) Plain old dial-up is barely used anymore.
> 3) For plain old dial-up, there is also an alternative: wvdial plasmoid,
> The plasmoid seems to have some users and is sometimes even suggested in
> forums, in contrast to kppp.
> 4) Looking at svn, kppp got little to no love in the last few years.
> 5) I just learnt that beginning with SC 4.4, FreeBSD doesn't even ship kppp
> anymore ([21:16:43] <rakuco> it doesn't compile).
> Therefore I propose to move kppp out of kdenetwork and into unmaintained
> stuff.

I know quite a bit of people who use kppp in Ukraine including for 3g
modems. I think they would be quite upset if it's gone.

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