LibQApt moved to kdereview

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at
Thu Aug 12 14:02:49 BST 2010


I've moved LibQApt, a Qt library for interacting with the APT package management system, to /trunk/kdereview/libqapt. It is cross-platform in that it should work on all Debian-based systems, so it's not going to be useful for absolutely everyone, but it would still be great for those who could to give it a code review. As a note, I did do a stable release of QApt yesterday, and as such the API/ABI are now frozen. It's unfortunate that I was not able to do this move before the stable release, but this has been a really crazy month for me, and circumstances left me unable.

For those who can use it, in the way of dependencies you'll need libapt-pkg, libxapian, libpolkit-qt-1-core, and the standard Qt4 libraries. It ships an optional KDE-based utility which is fully translatable. The library itself is fully documented via the doxygen apidox[1], and all public classes have proper dpointers.

At the moment, the major consumer of LibQApt is Muon, which I have also recently moved from kdereview. I shall write a move email for Muon directly after this, in fact. Aside from Muon, LibQApt already also powers several applications in the development version of Kubuntu 10.10, as well as powers a WIP backend for the Shaman package manager, which is currently residing in playground.

My intent is to move both LibQApt and Muon to extragear after their stint in kdereview.



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