Muon moved to kdereview

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at
Thu Aug 12 14:09:44 BST 2010

Hello again,

I've moved Muon, a package manager using the QApt framework, to /trunk/kdereview/muon. As it uses LibQApt, it is cross-platform across all Debian-based systems, limiting its usefulness to Debian and Debian-derivate systems. Again, a code review even from those who are not able to run Muon usefully would be nice. It is fully translateable, and is 100% Krazy compliant. It has a stable release as of yesterday, and should be considered stable and ready for general consumption, though admittedly it has not had ultra-wide testing. It should not kill kittens at this point, however.

My intent is to move both LibQApt and Muon to extragear after their stint in kdereview.


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