virtuoso-t process going crazy

Michael Jansen info at
Thu Aug 12 18:15:33 BST 2010

Am 12.08.2010 09:23, schrieb Sebastian TrĂ¼g:
> Hi Mike,
> this is a known issue - sadly I do not know the reason yet. Actually I
> am hoping that it is a Virtuoso bug or something that can be "configured
> away". One thing that would help is to enable debugging for virtuoso as
> I explain below. Then we have data that we can give to the Virtuoso guys
> to figure out our problem.
> Enabling ODBC debugging:
> Create a file ~/.odbc.ini with the following content:
> [ODBC]
> Tracefile = /tmp/iodbc.log
> Trace     = 1
> Of course you can use whatever log file location you want. Then the next
> time Virtuoso goes crazy send me that log (preferably compressed).
> Getting the log as quick as possible helps to find the problematic command.
> Cheers,
> Sebastian

For me just upgrading to virtuoso 6.1.2 (self compiled) from opensuses
6.1.1 fixes that behaviour. I initially only upgraded because opensuse
seems to be missing the debug symbols for parts of virtuoso. virtuoso
was so silent i sometimes suspected it crashed.

I can't tell if the problem were the opnsuse packages or the version 6.1.1 .

If we now fix the filewatchers annoying insistence on watching for
directories i especially disabled and even broadcasting that changes to
the helpers there is no issue left with nepomuk/virtuoso from my "don't
waste my cpu cycles" affliction.


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