Review Request: New Kwallet scheme for Khtml user-password form saving (enabling multiple accounts per site)

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at
Tue Aug 10 17:26:23 BST 2010

Hello everybody,

We've been discussing all this in #khtml. I think what we really need
is an Accounts Manager. An application that deals with accounts,
especially (but probably not limited to) web accounts. I talked with
lemma (the nice kwallet guy) about a similar application written in
gtk by a friend of mine called geco, see an screenshot

So we deal with accounts. In the account manager, we have a list of
accounts: github, gitorious, novell, nokia, facebook.. Even multiple
accounts of course: google friends, google work, whatever. Each
account has a name/title like those I just mentioned, a password that
can be automatically generated or not, and some optional extra
information: description, expiration date, etc. Also, a "whitelist" of
urls where the account can be used. Wait, did he mention expiration
date? Take a look at the previously mentioned screenshot. See the
colored circles in the accounts list? red means key expired, green
means key is OK. It works as a reminder.

I would add support for plugins to the account manager. Actually, at
least two kinds of plugins: for syncing, and for account types. For
example one of the first kind would be syncing with Mozilla Weave.
Perhaps could be integrated with ownCloud too. One of the second type
could be support for KDE accounts for example. Plugins that add
support for an Account type could provide a default whitelist of urls
related to that account type (,, etc), and
even perhaps provide a function to change/update the password.

The software could come with a default list of proven and trusted
plugins for common website: zooomr, facebook, kde, etc. Maybe  plugins
could be downloaded using KHNS showing a warning saying "this could be
dangerous". So then a user enters to and tries to login. KHTML
could detect that the url is white-listed in the "KDE Account type"
plugin and let the user create a new kde account with that
information, to be used in all kde related sites. Then maybe new sites
need to be added, we could provide a "Wand" konqueror button for
adding current url to KDE account type, then user could use his kde
account on it.

Okey, enough dreaming, we would need people with time to implement all
this, but there goes the idea if somebody want to collaborate working
on the next big thing on the net, account management! :P.

   Eduardo Robles Elvira.
PD: Lemma found a similar bug report for mozilla with interesting
ideas in the comments section, see

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