a solution for bug 77862, kio_imap processes hang when connection status changes

Guy Maurel guy-kde at maurel.de
Sun Aug 8 16:32:52 BST 2010


On Friday 06 August 2010 18:55:47 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On August 6, 2010, Guy Maurel wrote:
> > - check the availibity of the IP-address each time
> > 
> >     _before_ using the socket to write to the IMAP-server and
> >     _before_ using the socket to read from the IMAP-server
> how is this different / better than using Solid::Networking::Notifier and
>  connecting to its connection changed signals?
I cannot say yet if it is better. 
I made my first proposal for the bug 77862 with the notifier. It seems to me to 
be a problem that one get a message only after 60 seconds. Is it right?
Then, a got some minor problems, the maintainer whishes some changes. It leads 
me to this *different* approach, which works.
It is still an unanswered question: what happens if the IP-change occurs 
*during* a write/read call to the IP-Address. The laps of time might be 
little, also the probability this occurs. 
Have you an answer for me?

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