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Fri Apr 30 02:52:58 BST 2010

2010/4/29 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>

> On April 25, 2010, Andriy Rysin wrote:
> btw, some screenshots for the people on kde-usability (they don't always
> have
> a trunk build or kdereview available to them) might be nice for that list.
I've sent some screenshots to usability list about a month ago, and
unfortunately got no feedback

 > of course people who don't want flags would not care :) ). Also for
> > drawing the text I need to find a way to leave the taskbar background
> (but
> > this was also the problem before).
> looking at the code in Flags, i think i can see the problem: you probably
> just
> need to fill the pixmap first with Qt::transparent so the background is,
> well,
> transparent :) then you can paint the text, flag, etc over top of that.
yep, I found it today and already pushed the code for transparency
The problem with text over the flag is that it's hard to find the right way
to paint readable text with all the possible flag colors and their
combination. So for now it'll be either text or flag, so far the early
feedback was pretty positive.

> i also see that there is code looking for minimal font sizes such as:
>        if( fontSize < 6 ) {
> you probably want to be using KGlobalSettings::smallestReadableFont()
> instead.
ah, very nice, fixed and pushed

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