[PATCH] Request review for KSharedDataCache (Round 2)

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Sun Apr 25 04:05:07 BST 2010

Hi all,

Two weeks ago I submitted an initial patch for review for KSharedDataCache, a 
generic shared-memory key/value cache. Oswald had some good comments, and I've 
fixed all but one (due to lack of time). I thought I'd throw up the revised 
patches up for review again before I start committing. I've added the feature 
to the 4.5 feature plan to give a little more time for review before feature 

My plans are to commit the new classes tomorrow night (don't worry, they are 
binary compatible), pending any major hangups. Afterwards I would port users 
of KPixmapCache over to use KImageCache or KSharedDataCache directly on Monday 
or Tuesday (again pending any major concerns).

The attached patches are as follows:
1) Add KSharedDataCache to kdecore. This is the generic shared-memory cache.
2) Add KImageCache to kdeui. KImageCache is intended to be a gentler interface 
to KSharedDataCache for those who just want to store images.
3) A patch to port Plasma::Theme to use KImageCache instead of KPixmapCache.
4) A patch to port KIconLoader to use KSharedDataCache instead of 
KPixmapCache. (A straight port to KImageCache is infeasible due to extra data 
5) A patch to port kdebase to use KSharedDataCache (mainly the bookmarks 
KIOSlave and a couple of KCMs that clear the cache).

Some of the differences I made besides fixes for issues noted by ossi were 
some bug fixes (especially in defragmenting and page removal), checks for 
required pthread support (at runtime and compile time, no CMake checks 
needed), and removal of the QAbstractItemModel since it's internal.

Again, any feedback is appreciated, thanks for your time.

 - Michael Pyne
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