Freespacenotifier KDED module in kdereview

Ivo Anjo knuckles at
Fri Apr 23 21:10:37 BST 2010


I've just moved the freespacenotifier KDED module to kdereview.
It is based on an openSUSE patch originally by Lukas Tinkl and Lubos
Lunak, updated to use knotify, kconfigxt and no legacy qt3support

This module sits quietly on the background and pops up a notification
if you are running out of space on your /home partition, giving you
the option to postpone the warning, open a file manager, or change the
configuration. The only configuration options are disabling it and
changing the threshold of when it pops up the notification.

If you run openSUSE, you probably have seen its predecessor before,
and this new version has already been picked up by Kubuntu for
inclusion on 10.04 (package name is also freespacenotifier).

The idea would be for it to find a home in kdebase/workspace -- that's
there openSUSE and Kubuntu put it and also as suggested by Lubos

I has hoping to get this in for 4.5, as there's still some time before
hard feature freeze, and it is very small and harmless :)

Ivo Anjo

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