small patch for kmix

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Sat Apr 10 03:04:49 BST 2010


Tried review board but unclear where to post for kmix patches.
The patch attached (2 lines), (for kdemultimedia/kmix/viewbase.cpp) 
calls the base class mousePressEvent (here QWidget::mousePressEvent) for 
any other button than the one for which action has to be taken (right 
This allows the un-handled events to be propagated to parent widget, and 
from here, to be grabbed by oxygen style, which then can use it to 
"grab" the window and move it around, interpretting the relevant area as 

Disregarding the oxygen feature, I think its a safe thing to commit, and 

Please advise whether I should commit this thing or not.
(note: I could work around the issue directly in oxygen, but that would 
be more hackish).

Thanks in advance,

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