[PATCH] krandrtray menu UI fixes

Darío Andrés andresbajotierra at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 13:28:45 BST 2010

2010/4/8 Aurélien Gâteau <agateau at kde.org>:
> On 04/08/10 21:14, Chani wrote:
>> (btw, reviewboard is a better place for patches so they're not forgotten :)
> I wanted to use reviewboard, but there is no kdebase group :/
> Aurélien

The "kde" product in bugzilla has the asignee
"unassigned-bugs at kde.org" .. it is like there isn't a "central point"
for those...
What I do for "kdebase patches" is to add the "kdelibs" group and then
add people related to the code (copyright in the file, people which
previously modified the file, and so on...)... Hopefully someone will
look at the patch at some point...

Dario A.

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