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Keith Rusler xzekecomax at
Wed Apr 7 21:27:24 BST 2010

Hello, I'm writing a auto hide dock widget window for my application and
currently running in to a few issues.I've tried for the past few days on
getting help me getting little or not direction on how to solve it. The
issue I'm having is that the user can right click on the MainWindow and be
able to disable/enable the docks and toolbars or use the menu to
disable/enable. Will I don't mind that for normal toolbars, I do mind them
for my DockBars which inherit QToolBar because they need to be there at all
times since it's part of the shell. The docks never need to be modified to
hide or close except through the close of itself or the buttons on the
DockBars. How can I make it possible to only remove my custom toolbars and
docks from the right click menu and the main menu of the app. The ones I
have right now are not done through the *ui.rc files.

Keith Rusler
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