[KDE Usability] Review Request: Add a confirmation window when emptying the trash

Diego Moya turingt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 12:57:22 BST 2010

On 31 March 2010 23:40, David Faure wrote:

> > I wouldn't expect the Undo function on Move To Trash, but I would
> > expect it for Delete and for Empty Trash.
> Which makes no sense, sorry :-)
> If your disk is full and you empty the trash, you certainly expect to get
> more
> disk space immediately... not after the 30 seconds undo, when the system
> can
> finally delete the files and make more space.
> Real deletion is -supposed- to delete immediately, otherwise assumptions
> are
> broken. This means no undo, but there's no other way.
> Would a 10 seconds delay be an acceptable compromise, in order to
distinguish Real Deletion from accidental deletion? Which is the case that
is being considered in this thread, BTW.

The Trash is a GUI intended to make life easier to people using the file
manager, after all. Power users always have the option to delete files
through the command line. Instant, unsafe deletion at the user's will. Why
make graphical tools unsafe for everybody else just to support this user

I long for the days of MS-DOS (yes I'm that old), where the Undo command
could retrieve from the dead files that had been permanently deleted as long
as nobody else overwrote them. Why can't we have this functionality in the
XXI century? I know, ext3 yada yada. IMHO this is the single missing feature
of the Trashcan that would make all this debate moot. For real data deletion
you should use a Shredder anyway, not the Trashcan.
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