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Mehrdad Momeny mehrdad.momeny at
Mon Sep 28 11:15:49 BST 2009

Hi Sebastian and others,

Yesterday the code and doc moved into KDE/kdepim ;)

Sebastian K?gler wrote:
> Blogilo still doesn't retrieve the existing posts (from wordpress, is that
>  actually  supported?).
:-/ Really strange, Retrieving previous posts from server is a common job for it! And it works well 
Could you run it from terminal (with debug output enabled) And let me see the output!?
(Maybe direct email or using forum is better idea, I don't know if here is fine to continue this)

>Did you hear about Project Silk, by the way? It has many ideas in common with 
>Blogilo. has pointers.

Ah, yes, I heard about it a few recently!

>I've actually disabled that in wordpress (changing \n into <br />). It still happens 
>though that line breaks are stripped out of my post, which isn't useful if you often 
>hand-write HTML.
You know, It's a bit hard to do it!
Editor supports HTML! When wordpress editor do not use them in common(I mean <br/><p> 
...)! And other editors do it!
So It would be hard to manage multiple inputs!

BTW, QTextEdit lacks many features for html rendering! We should replace it with something else 
for future, and A direct idea came into my mind is using webkit + an html/javascript editor! If 
can't find any widget with full support html and editing options...

>You can use KXmlGuiWindow as your main window class, it brings such functionality. 
>kapptemplate (a small app that generate template for applications) can generate an 
>example for you, it's actually quite easy to understand. Choose the "KDE 4 GUI 
>Application" option from the kapptemplate's Template Generator.
I think already using it!
Thanks, I will check for the this code! And example is better always :D

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