Fwd: [CMake] CMake 2.8.0 RC 1 ready for testing!

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat Sep 26 08:16:19 BST 2009


below you can find the announcement of CMake 2.8.0 RC1.
To make sure it doesn't have any bugs which affect KDE, please give it a good 

If you find problems, please report them to ideally to cmake at cmake.org or to 
kde-buildsystem at kde.org.

What does the new release bring ?
Major improvements in ctest (parallel testing, support for Mercurial, git, 
Bazaar), faster dependency scanning when using makefiles, support for Visual 
Studio 10, improved support for Eclipse and much more. 
It should be fully backwards compatible.
For details see below.


P.S. I'm not aware of any issues, so there shouldn't be much risk in trying 
this out

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Subject: [CMake] CMake 2.8.0 RC 1 ready for testing!
Date: Friday 25 September 2009
From: Bill Hoffman <bill.hoffman at kitware.com>
To: CMake <cmake at cmake.org>

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.0 has entered the beta stage! You
can find the source and binaries here: http://www.cmake.org/files/v2.8/.

I am sure I am leaving something out, but here is the list of changes
that I came up with.  (If you notice something missing please let me
know and I will add it to the official release when 2.8.0 is finalized.)
Changes in CMake 2.8.0 RC 1

- Qt based GUI cmake-gui is now the default GUI, MFC CMakeSetup is no
   longer included in CMake.  ccmake is still supported.
- cmake-gui supports multi-state values options.
- CMake now has cmake --build command that can build any CMake generated
   project from the command line.
- Visual Studio 2010 beta support has been added.
- Significant improvements for the Eclipse project generator (all
   targets are now available in Eclipse, system include dirs and
   predefined macros are now  detected so syntax highlighting works
- KDevelop generator now has color output for builds, and non verbose
- CTest supports running tests in parallel with a -j N option.
- A new CTest CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS option can be used to get better
   dashboard error reports with make based tools.
- CTest has support for sub-projects and labels which can interact
   with CDash.
- CTest now supports Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar.
- It is now possible to use DESTDIR in CPack for any CMake based projects
   giving more flexibility on the final path names.
- The CPack Deb generator now computes the arch instead of hard coding it.
- Fortran/C mixed language projects made much easier. CMake now
   automatically can compute the run time libraries for a compiler. In
   addition, a new FortranCInterface module can determine the correct
   name mangling needed to mix C and Fortran.
- Intel compiler support added to OSX, and support for embedded
   manifests in the windows intel compiler was added.
- Depend scanning is now much faster with makefiles.
- Many FindQt4 improvements to stay working with current Qt releases
- FindMPI has improvements for windows.
- FindRuby.cmake now supports Ruby 1.9
- FindBoost has been updated to work with the most recent boost releases.
- New External Project Module.  The 'ExternalProject_Add' function
   creates a custom target to drive download, update/patch, configure,
   build, install and test steps of an external project.
- xmlrpc dependancy has been removed
- CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET cache variable has been created to set the
   deployment OS for a build on OSX.
- Several new policies were added:
        The if() command can recognize named boolean constants.
        Duplicate binary directories are not allowed.
        Input directories must have CMakeLists.txt.
        The set() CACHE mode and option() command make the cache value
- Lots of bug fixes.

Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues
to the list or the bug tracker ( I have added a CMake-2-8 version ).

Happy, building!


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