[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at web.de
Thu Sep 24 22:09:47 BST 2009

Am Thursday 24 September 2009 schrieb David Nolden:
> And if you have 5 priorities, what do those mean, why are they needed? It
> doesn't make sense to have different priorities that are treated the same,
>  and I can only think of 3 useful priority treatments:
> - Priority 0: Only show a popup if the user has configured it, else just
> indicate in the icon that something happened
> - Priority 1: Show a popup, except when in "Presentation" mode
> - Priority 2: Show a popup, blink, beep, whatever, make sure the user
>  notices it
Maybe i miss sth. here, but KNotify already supports different levels of 
annoyance (logging into a file, text message, play sound, run command)

afaiu only the text message (former dialog, now VisualNotofcation protocol) is 
currently handled by the notification plasmoid, but it shouldn't be a big deal 
to watch or redirect all log files.

the sound should wake up the user and -hehehe- one can still run:
kstart --keepabove --alldesktops kdialog --error '<center><h1>Battery is 
empty</h1><h3>Plug in the AC adaptor</h3>...or the system will suspend 
whenever you need mega-attention (tm)
("unfortunately" --attach'ing it to the root window does not trigger a 
globally modal state- ok: luckily ;-)

For introducing any (non user cofigurable?!) priority subsystem to 
VisualNotifications: i predict it'll likely be abused ("of course /I/ am 


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