Kopete runner now in kdereview

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Thu Sep 24 06:57:37 BST 2009

Am Donnerstag 24 September 2009 04:38:00 schrieb Ben Boeckel:
> Hi,
> I moved the Kopete runner I've been working on into kdereview
> today (kopete-runner subdir). I fixed the last bug I was
> experiencing with KRunner grabbing Kopete's config since the
> name was set to be "kopete". In any case it supports:
> With default identity:
> - Connecting
>   - connect
> - Disconnecting
>   - disconnect
> - Setting status (with and without message)
>   - status <status> [message]
> - Setting status message
>   - message <message>
> - Starting chats
>   - matches name used in buddy list
> When matching buddies, it uses the buddy icon and also shows the
> status and message (if any, currently broken in Kopete DBus
> interface bko#204230).
> Kopete's DBus interface could be improved to expose more
> information (individual accounts, buddies in a metacontact,
> screenname, etc.), but with what is available, this is all that
> is possible.
> I would like to see this in kdenetwork with Kopete itself, but
> kdebase (everything is done over DBus, so no kdenetwork
> dependency here) and kdeplasma-addons in extragear are also
> options. Thanks for any feedback.
K_EXPORT_PLASMA_RUNNER(kopeterunner, KopeteRunner)
-> loads translation catalog plasma_runner_kopeterunner, but this catalog does 
not exist, because Messages.sh extracts to plasma_krunner_kopete.pot.

I18n bug, it is untranslated :(

Burkhard Lück

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