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Wed Sep 23 23:00:29 BST 2009

On 9/23/09 2:37 PM, "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo at> wrote:
> On September 23, 2009, Gary Greene wrote:
>> Another thing to note about the kiosk framework is that it also allowed
>> administrators to "tailor" the profile as well so you could hide not just
>> the various actions, but also the menu, etc. There are a number of things
>> that kiosktool does that are far off from the authorization of actions.
> right; these are all accomplished using the same mechanisms which fall into
> one of two categories: [KDE Action Restrictions] and [KDE Resource
> Restrictions].
> the action restrictions, which includes things like hiding the menu (pls
> correct me if i'm wrong there), are all simple string:bool pairs so any system
> that implements support for KAuthorized::authorize will automagically work for
> KAuthorized:authorizeAction.

There is more here than just plain _hide_the_menu_. Currently, we're able to
tailor what is in the menu too (or at least we could before we moved to the
XDG spec for menus). You've action aspects like right click lock down, what
is and is not shown on the desktop, what can and cannot be changed on the
desktop, etc. The kiosk framework (when Waldo first came up with it) is much
more complex than just application options. Basically, it allowed you to
have a one-off profile that would be applied to specific users for ALL of
their KDE settings, menus, etc.

My main need here is to assure that the same level of parity is there since
I've interest in it from an administrator and rollout implementers

> this is because authorizeAction() just call authorize() internally :)
> so from the perspective of KAuth, this is all the same thing.

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