[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 23 21:42:02 BST 2009

Am Mittwoch 23 September 2009 22:25:09 schrieb Marco Martin:
> so:
>> -abort the countdown if power is restored (assuming this feature isn't
>> already there)
>> -make the timeout longer so I've got time to stop panicking and do
>> something about it (yeah, I've seen that notification and gone stupid and
>> not clicked the button just because I'm frozen with panic).
>> -make the notification stay there
>> -have a nice big button so that it's easier to hit
>> -change something to make it more noticable (size, colour, *something*...
>> note that this shouldn't be a special hack for powerdevil, it should be
>> something done to any notification that has highest priority (do we have
>> API for saying how important a notification is yet?))
> don't think so.
> what i would do, is having KNotifications of the same category of
> KNotificationItems: Application, Network, System, Hardware
>  the systray could represent is a slighltly different way the different
> category, even if it's just bold text or no autohide and the systray could
>  be configured to show certain kinds not others..

Those categories are completely disconnected from the 'semantic'. Each of 
those categories may have important disturbing notifications a la "shutting 
down, you have 10 seconds to react", as well as completely boring spam 
notifications a la "switched from WLAN cell 0xaabbcc into 0xb0r1ng".

By making those categories distinguishable you make the notifications nicer 
looking, but you don't solve the problem we're discussing.

Better would be priorities like: Minor, Major, Critical, where plasma should 
make sure that 'Critical' notifications are _always_ noticed be the user, in 
whatever ways, and the others could be configurable. Major could be something 
like "Got message from ..." in kopete, and minor could be something like 
"Person ... went online".

Greetings, David

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