[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at web.de
Wed Sep 23 16:51:57 BST 2009

Am Wednesday 23 September 2009 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:

> or "how to piss off a user because the developer thinks they know better"
just to make that clear:
i'm not speaking about status messages like "mid battery" or "low battery"
i'm talking about the moment before the system dies.

> > and /outside/ the workspace/workflow.
> power management is generally perceived as part of the workspace. just like
> shutting down, restarting, etc are.
likely a philosophical matter ("is your death part of your life", "is a border 
part of something") - but you dropped "workflow"... ;-P
> the event can and will be ignored. 
no: the /warning/ can and will (you prooved that)
the event however will take place and (as mentioned) the user can not schedule 
its handling nor ignore it (either he does some or "suffer" the suspense)
good news:
if you're out of the room, it won't break your workflow either ;-)

> this is really basic usability: don't get in the way of the user, don't
>  enter modal states. it will backfire if we try to run around that.
how would you describe a shutdown/suspense then?
> or just as likely they'll quickly get rid of the annoyance and forget.
A big fat warning like
                                       EMPTY BATTERY.
Plug in an AC adaptor or the system will suspend in 20.. 19.. seconds

Is imho not an "annoyance" i'd "quickly get rid of [...] and forget" - sorry.

> and, because i'm in repetition mode already, where are the bug reports or
>  user observation saying "i didn't notice that thing and so i lost data /
>  time / something else bad"?
If there wasn't some demand, there likely wasn't this patch...
I just wanted to propose a "how to make a dialog not take accidental input" 
and then pointed out that imho it's very much ok to be a "little more" 
intrusive on this specific item.

But i always plug in my AC (so no message at all) or can't do anything about 
the suspense anyway - no data loss so far. toctoctoc =D


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