[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Wed Sep 23 15:57:28 BST 2009

On Wednesday 23 September 2009 16:11:05 dantti85-dev at yahoo.com.br wrote:
> I like the new dialog and my suggestion is to use a subclass
> of KProgressDialog where you provide your own QProgressBar
> where instead of percentage you display the time decreasing.
> something like
> -----------------------------------------X
> Your computer will suspend in:
> [=====12 seconds              ]
> ------------------------------------------

That's a nice idea, and I'd love to see that in the notification.
A notification that pops up for 20(/30) seconds with a moving progress bar 
will surely not only catch my attention.  It's kept on top of other windows 
and will allow me to save my work / press cancel etc. perfectly.

Actually, I fully agree with Aaron - if Plasmas notification system fulfills 
the needs here, I think it is the right tool.  Of course, it might need to be 
extended to fulfill the needs, as mentioned before in this thread.

Of course, it may make the task of writing a cross-desktop, cross-platform 
notification system spec more difficult, but where's the point of a 
notification system that is ignored by users and developers?

If someone does not see his notifications at all, it is obvious that he will 
not get notified of any events, be it an incoming SIP phone call or a shutdown 
warning.  I don't see a bug there.


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