[RFC] kimpanel applet in kdereview

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Wed Sep 16 19:51:25 BST 2009


 some remarks, not really a code review:

On Friday 01 May 2009, Wang Hoi wrote:
> 1. Support serveral backends: scim, ibus, fcitx, communicate with
> backend through dbus

Are these backends mandatory? I'm asking as kdereview configuration is 
completly halted if scim is not found and actually the error is not 
verbose enough, it doesn't say what is SCIM and why it is needed:
CMake Error at 

> Known issues:
It isn't your code, but scim related: it caused a lot of bugs for me 
(automatic searching not working in Kickoff, couldn't paste into 
Konqueror's text areas, couldn't disable the gtk panel - yes, that was 
running, as I have no idea what scim is and what I should do with 
kimpanel- unless I removed completely), that's why I compiled now 
without scim being available.

> 1. A bit complex to install(deploy), because how to set an input
> method is not standardlized,

Yes, that's a problem.

You didn't write where do you want to put the code. I don't know the 
plasma policy, but I'd put it into some extragear (or kdeplasma-addons 
if they want it there), after the cmake file is fixed, so it doesn't halt 
compilation of the whole module if the backend is not found, but instead 
the applet will simply not be compiled.


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