Review Request: Add thubnail support for Microsoft Windows executables and images

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Tue Sep 15 07:30:23 BST 2009

David Faure schrieb:
> On Monday 14 September 2009, Ralf Habacker wrote:
>> Pali Rohár schrieb:
>>>> On 2009-09-14 16:05:40, David Faure wrote:
>>>>> Converting a .ico to a .png can be done with Qt's .ico support, no?
>>>>> But since extracting icons from an .exe needs these icotools anyway,
>>>>> this wouldn't allow dropping the dependency, it would just make the
>>>>> ico-to-png conversion faster, I guess.
>>> Convert ico to png is in QImage bad. Qt only get first picture from ico
>>> file, but ico file can have more pictures. Then first picture is 16x16
>>> second 32x32, ... so in Qt is still smallest icon (and 16x16 is very
>>> small).
>> There is an extended qt ico file handler in
>>, so it may
>> be possible to use this code. [1]
>>> With program icotool, I can extract largest icon (it is implemented in
>>> this patch), not only first.
>> If [1] is not usable or is currently too much work I suggest to add the
>> icotool to  the kdewin package
>>, which contains
>> already similar tools.
> But this thumbnailer should work on linux too, shouldn't it?
> When browsing windows partitions.
That means the relatred kioslave is self containing the complete icotool 
source ?


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