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Frank Reininghaus frank78ac at
Mon Sep 14 22:55:04 BST 2009


I've never used the sidebar myself, but anyway:

On Monday 14 September 2009 13:05:45 David Faure wrote:
> Isn't it obvious to everyone that a 50-pixels-wide sidebar is not the best
> place for showing history (which typically includes long URLs and long page
> titles)?

Well, the sidebar width is not fixed, and nowadays many people have quite wide 
screens, so that argument might not be valid.

> Since you don't see happy about the situation, I have to ask you, what _is_
> the problem with the new history dialog. Just that people can't find it?

What some people miss might be the possibility to switch between a couple of 
recently visited pages with a single click, without having to open a dialog 
first (that was possible with the sidebar before 4.3 AFAIK). At least that's 
what I took from some of the comments in the bug report.

The other issue seems to be that the new history dialog does not yet provide 
all the functionality that some people expect (all one can do with it at the 
moment is viewing the history and opening items in a new window, I think).

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