Review Request: Add thubnail support for Microsoft Windows executables and images

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Mon Sep 14 21:06:34 BST 2009

Pali Rohár schrieb:
>> On 2009-09-14 16:05:40, David Faure wrote:
>>> Converting a .ico to a .png can be done with Qt's .ico support, no?
>>> But since extracting icons from an .exe needs these icotools anyway, this wouldn't allow dropping the dependency, it would just make the ico-to-png conversion faster, I guess.
> Convert ico to png is in QImage bad. Qt only get first picture from ico file, but ico file can have more pictures. Then first picture is 16x16 second 32x32, ... so in Qt is still smallest icon (and 16x16 is very small). 
There is an extended qt ico file handler in, so it may 
be possible to use this code. [1]
> With program icotool, I can extract largest icon (it is implemented in this patch), not only first.
If [1] is not usable or is currently too much work I suggest to add the 
icotool to  the kdewin package, which contains 
already similar tools.


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