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Em Domingo 30. Agosto 2009, às 22.16.55, Thiago Macieira escreveu:
> > > Let's assume the TP is released this week, and that the releases happen
> > > four weeks apart[*]:
> > > W36 - Qt 4.6 technical preview
> > > W40 - Qt 4.6 beta
> > > W44 - Qt 4.6 release candidate
> > > W48 - Qt 4.6 final
> > >
> > > KDE beta is W46. It would require that the releases be spaced less than
> > > 4 weeks apart, or that the RC finds no major issues. We're trying to
> > > shorten our release cycle, but less than 3 months between TP and final
> > > is a stretch right now.
> >
> > 
> > Well, obviously we would like to depend on Qt4.6 and we can shift KDE
> >  release two weeks if we know in time, but it requires some sort of
> >  commitment from Qt that above schedule is matched.
> > 
> > I mean, I know you can not guarantee it, and I'm not asking that. But if
> >  you tell me W48 is the release, 80% sure and if not it is the week
> > after, I'm happy to incorporate that in our schedule.
> Let's see that after the TP.


The TP is now out.

The schedule above didn't hold. The TP *was* scheduled for W36, but we had to 
hold it for one week to ensure that it at least compiled everywhere.

Here's the current schedule.

Please note that we will do our best to match it, but we cannot be 100% 
certain. Qt gets released when it meets its quality criteria, which is the 
number of outstanding P1 tasks and the number of failing unit tests (regressed 
due to new features and bit-rot).

I will give updates if this schedule changes over IRC. If you have questions, 
talk to me on IRC.

Beta is scheduled for Week 41
RC is scheduled for Week 46
Final is scheduled for two or three weeks after the RC

That means we want to get 4.6 in the last week of November or first week of 

That gives KDE approximately 6-7 weeks of lead time over the Qt 4.6 release.

In time: current plans for Qt 4.7 is April/May 2010. It's nowhere committed, 
since we haven't made our plans for it yet.

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