Request to change signature of a KUrl method

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Sep 14 19:25:13 BST 2009

On 14.09.09 00:23:33, Ramon Zarazua wrote:
> Hello.
> I have been working with KUrls frequently, and often I Need to clean the path 
> of a URL before passing it in as an argument into a function. I am just 
> suggesting having cleanPath return a reference to itself, to allow chaining, 
> and avoid having to create temporaries to call the function.

Unless I'm mistaken MSVC encodes the return type into the binary
interface (see thiago's recent blog). Which in turn means changing the
return type of a function is a BC change and hence cannot be done before
KDE5. So basically you're stuck with either keeping the code you have or
introduce a new "cleanPathAndReturn" function that returns a KUrl


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