[PATCH] BUG 167388 inconsistency in ~/.kde4/share/config/trashrc

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Sep 14 15:16:43 BST 2009

[Too much cross-posting, removing kde-devel from the CC list]

On Wednesday 02 September 2009, 潘卫平(Peter Pan) wrote:
> --- trashimpl.cpp       (revision 1018673)
> +++ trashimpl.cpp       (working copy)
> @@ -771,6 +771,7 @@
>  void TrashImpl::fileAdded()
>  {
> +    m_config.reparseConfiguration();
>      KConfigGroup group = m_config.group( "Status" );
>      if ( group.readEntry( "Empty", true) == true ) {
>          group.writeEntry( "Empty", false );

This one makes sense indeed. Before reading we have to re-read from
disk. Well, ideally only if it changed, so another fix would be to use 
KDirWatch on ktrashrc.

> @@ -784,6 +785,7 @@
>  void TrashImpl::fileRemoved()
>  {
>      if ( isEmpty() ) {
> +        m_config.reparseConfiguration();
>          KConfigGroup group = m_config.group( "Status" );
>          group.writeEntry( "Empty", true );
>          m_config.sync();

This one is not necessary. There's no point in reparsing if we're only writing 
and not reading, is there? We'll overwrite any changes anyway.

> But if more than one kio_trash are created,  inconsistency may occur,

This is indeed true, and Tobias' answer is valid for that part.

I don't think KInterProcessLock removes the need for the reparseConfiguration 
before reading, though, if that's what Tobias implied -- but I don't think it 
was what he implied ;).

> reparseConfiguration is expensive,

Yes, because of kdeglobals. We should turn m_config into a SimpleConfig, in 
fact, so that it only reads the local trashrc and not any kdeglobals or global 
trashrc. I'll do that, you commit the reparseConfiguration and close the bug?

Tobias: hmm I just noticed that you used "ktrashrc" for the user settings,
while the empty/not-empty flag is in "trashrc", for a reason I cannot remember. 
On one hand we should probably merge that so that it's less confusing, on the 
other hand it would make reparseConfiguration more expensive again ;-)

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