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David Faure faure at
Mon Sep 14 12:26:24 BST 2009

On Sunday 30 August 2009, Fabian W├╝rtz wrote:
> Hi kde-core-devel team,
> I have written a systemsettings modul to manage service menus:
> The module can install and remove service menus from local files and the
>  internet (KNewStuff).

If I understand the screenshots, it only works with "themes", it does not 
allow the user to customize (edit/remove) the servicemenus shipped with KDE, 

That's already interesting in itself, but I was expecting that it would allow 
the users to also enable/disable pre-installed servicemenus, although I'm not 
sure how this would look like (maybe we should package them as "themes" 
somehow too, so that they appear in logical groups rather than as a collection 
of seemingly-unrelated desktop files? I.e. having the "ark servicemenus" (2 
files), "digikam servicemenus" (3 files), "encryption/decryption (kgpg) 
servicemenus" (3 files) etc.
I don't know anything about knewstuff and themes; is there an easy way for apps 
to install those servicemenu desktop files as part of a "theme" that would then 
appear in your service menu manager?

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