Review Request: Fix some memory leaks in the Fonts Installer KCM

Craig Drummond craig at
Sat Sep 12 15:30:36 BST 2009

> Can you commit the changes?

I have already - to both trunk and 4.3 branches.

> Thanks for the review. :)

Thanks for reporting! :-)

> QStyle construct doesn't not accept parameters. (I got an error the first
> time, and now I verified it in the Qt docs...) May be I'm missing
> something.

You're right -  I spotted that after publishing the review. I was looking at 
the QObject constructor - as QStyle inherits from QObject - sorry.

> I was storing fcConfig to call "FcConfigDestroy(fcConfig);" later (when
> updating or in class destroy). 

This would make sense if FcInitLoadConfigAndFont() was used. But I changed 
this to be FcInitReinitialize() - this internally calls 
FcInitLoadConfigAndFont() and sets fontconfigs current settings to the 
returned value.


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