Mountable devices support in KDE

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Mon Sep 7 23:38:28 BST 2009


I find DeviceNotifier not enought easy-to-use and I try to make
old-good-big sysinfo:/ work in KDE4. The problem is that RMB popup
menu doesn't provide (un)mount actions for devices. I would like to
ask you for help in solving that.

Currently KDE provides RMB popup menu with (un)mount operations for
desktop entry files only. It means you have to create file like:
[Desktop Entry]
and use RMB on it to see (un)mount.

So I see 2 solutions

1) On every RMB popup menu in sysinfo:/ create desktop entry file for
clicked devices (in some tmp dir) and call "emit popupMenu" for that

2) Link to something like "media:/sdb1" and change KDE's libs to offer
(un)mount also for that. Or maybe insted "media:/" we could just use

What do you think about that solutions? Should we use any of these?

Rafał Miłecki

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