Extending the licensing policy: BSD license for cmake files

Harri Porten porten at froglogic.com
Sun Sep 6 17:43:14 BST 2009

On Sun, 6 Sep 2009, Ingo Klöcker wrote:

> How does repeating the term "Copyright", once spelled out and once
> written as "(C)" (which is not acknowledged by the Copyright laws),
> emphasize the copyright statement.

Note I am talking about mortal readers rather than copyright laywers here.

The symbol is well known and eye-catching. The word spells things out and 
provides a precise meaning. Whether it's redundant, not-acknowledged 
ascii-art or even void is one thing. Unless some laywers tell us that it 
*hurts* I wouldn't stop an author from decreasing the chance of someone 
overlooking the notice or being able able to claim so.

> The circle C symbol is an alternative to spelling out the word
> Copyright. Either one uses the symbol (as abbreviation) or one
> uses "Copyright", but one never uses both in the same copyright
> statement.

How do you mean by "one never uses"? I have personally seen hundreds of 
copyright owners do so (grep your /usr/include for also recent samples) 
and won't challenge the prudence of laywers from Nokia, Apple and the 


P.S. There are still countries who have not signed the Berne Convention 
btw. In those the word Copyright alone might not be sufficient.

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