KNotificationItem specification - first draft

Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Sep 6 13:17:55 BST 2009

On Saturday 05 September 2009, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op Saturday 05 September 2009 01:34 schreef u:
> > questions and comments are more than welcome
> In that case ;-)
> Can I detect if a systray icon is hidden or not? I would need that to fix:
> (as rsibreak is a systray app, without mainwindow, users can get confused
> if rsibreak is running or not, so if they launch it a second time a popup
> is shown with a screenie of the tray and an indication which icon is
> rsibreak. But if the trayicon is hidden, this screenie failes)
> Toma
for the new protocol you know that probably the icon is hidden if the status 
is Passive however there is still no way to know if the icon was manually 
also there is not anymore a way to discover the position of the icon.
the problem (in both knowing if the icon is manually hidden and knowing the 
icon position) is that there could be more than one systemtray and it is not 
guaranteed that the systemtray is really a systemtray (some icons will 
probably be moved in the taskbar) or that it is an actual visual 
representation with icons, it could be a purely textual one or just logging.

this is the reason i'm on the fence in returning a list of rectangles, beside 
the fact that will make the protocol a lot more complex, because it would need 
the client lib to know the bus name of the systray instances and the systray 
instances to actually have some dbus methods (would be a model that knows 
about the views generally not really good)

if it's reeeally needed this thing could be added, but i think setting the 
icons as NeedsAttention is more clean and enough as a notification

Marco Martin

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