Extending the licensing policy: BSD license for cmake files

Martin T. Sandsmark sandsmark at samfundet.no
Sun Sep 6 13:13:41 BST 2009

On Sunday 6. September 2009 11:36:46 Gary L. Greene, Jr. wrote:
> He's only saying that the use of the parenthesis c in the copyright line is
> pointless since in the original Berne Convention that was not recognized as
>  a valid copyright symbol. Only the circle C (which only works if our
>  sources are all in UTF8) or the word 'Copyright' followed by a list of
>  years the work was completed on and the holder are allowed in the marking
>  to denote copyright attribution. Nothing more.

... and the current (?) Berne convention does not require anything to “mark” 
copyright, as current is automatically assigned on creation of the work. IMHO, 
this header is just “a nice thing” if anyone every wants to re-license or for 
other reasons contact the authors holding the copyright.

Or am I wrong?

martin t. sandsmark

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