situation with window decorations

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Sat Sep 5 01:01:36 BST 2009

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
>> in the meanwhile I've been working on coding Thomas idea for an ozone 
>> active window blue frame replacement
>> (
>> in my private version of the Nitrogen windeco.
>> I put a bunch of screenshots here (with left/right and center title 
>> alignment, as well as with normal/tiny/no frame border).
>> Comments would be highly appreciated.
>> You'll note that the original "radial" glow from Thomas is gone
> Do you mean on the colored portion of the title bar? I think of 
> "radial glow" as the thing that is done to the root window (style as 
> well as decoration), which needs to stay or else the title bar won't 
> blend with the window contents.
No I meant the gradients (dark on the edge, light on the center) inside 
the blue title box.
I kept the radial gradient of the title bar, and actually used the same 
one for the blue title box. Does that make sense ?

> , and has
>> been replaced by something which look more oxygen-like, (I personnaly 
>> find Thomas gradients a bit too "plastik" like to my taste), with a 
>> drop shadow. In fact it uses the exact same code as the one used by 
>> oxygen to make push buttons, combo-boxes, etc.
> Well... it's upside-down. The idea was that this part should be 
> *inset*, not raised, as if the window was made of two materials, one 
> (on the bottom) colored and one not (well, window colored). What we 
> have instead looks like an optical illusion.
> I like to think of it as a piece of ceramic; the clay is 
> window-colored, and the bottom half has been dipped in 
> decoration-colored glaze (that magically gets onto anything below 
> "window face" level). I find this much more consistent with my 
> impression of Nuno's vision.
mmm, I'm confused. Most of oxygen pops out rather than sink in.
Additionaly, since the purpose of the blue thing is to "highlight" the 
active window with respect to the inactive. I would (personally) find it 
'surpising' that what it does is sink in the title ... 
> Also the top corners need to be rounded :-). 
You mean, the top corners on both sides of the title 'tab' ? or in the 
corners of the window ? or both ?

> (Because you need both concave and convex corners, I think you need to 
> be stealing the tab drawing code.)
> The one thing I *don't* like is the entire frame being colored. I 
> prefer the current state, which is just the outer edge colored. Again 
> this goes with the concept of the bottom part being a different color.
> For larger border sizes I think it would be awesome to have a two-step 
> edge, like this (think of this as side cross-section):
>         window color -->    /------- [ · · · face of window · · · ]
>                       /-----|
> decoration color -->  |
If I get it right, this is already the case when the border is >= Large
(and for 'normal' size there is really not that much room: 4 pixels)

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