situation with window decorations

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Fri Sep 4 00:40:07 BST 2009


in the meanwhile I've been working on coding Thomas idea for an ozone 
active window blue frame replacement
in my private version of the Nitrogen windeco.

I put a bunch of screenshots here (with left/right and center title 
alignment, as well as with normal/tiny/no frame border).
Comments would be highly appreciated.

You'll note that the original "radial" glow from Thomas is gone, and has 
been replaced by something which look more oxygen-like, (I personnaly 
find Thomas gradients a bit too "plastik" like to my taste), with a drop 
shadow. In fact it uses the exact same code as the one used by oxygen to 
make push buttons, combo-boxes, etc.

Comments are highly appreciated !
(notably: would that be a decent replacement for the all-blue ozone 
active window frame ?)


> Thomas Lübking wrote:
>> Am Friday 28 August 2009 schrieb Nuno Pinheiro:
>>> A Sexta, 28 de Agosto de 2009 17:22:31 Thomas L�bking voc� escreveu:
>>>> (And as just bashing is bad):
>>>> I would suggest* a colored frame that connects to a colored "inlay"
>>>> around the label - this way it'd be more like an accessoire - and less
>>>> like a color bug.
>>> mock mock???
>> attached. maybe with also concave corners, but then i'd code - 
>> mocking is really a hard job ;-)
> I hadn't thought about connecting it to the outside of the window... I 
> rather like it. It's like the slab is two layers, bottom layer is one 
> (WM) color, top is another, and window title is carved down to bottom 
> layer. Now, make the buttons colored also, and I think it is very 
> pretty :-).

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