KNotificationItem class name is confusing

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Oct 29 09:25:09 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 28 October 2009, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> Marco Martin a écrit :
> > dunno if i do.. but anyways, to summarize:
> > -the thing -does- want to be part of the notification system
> As I replied to Aaron, do you consider that a KNotificationItem is an
> element inside a KNotification? if it's not then the name is not
> appropriate IMO.
> > -other names doen't seem -much- better
> >
> > -honestly i don't really want to embark in a mission of unbreaking the
> > whole trunk after renaming it, unless there is a -really- better name
> As the starter of this discussion I would like to offer my help should
> you decide to rename the class. I believe it can be done without
> breaking trunk. Here is how I would do it:
> 1. Rename the DBus object
> 2. Rename knotificationitem.{h,cpp} to newclassname.{h,cpp} and rename
> the class in it
> 3. Create knotificationitem.h with the following content:
>    #include <newclassname.h>
>    typedef NewClassName KNotificationItem;
> At this point, the class is renamed, but trunk should still build.
> 4. Adjust existing code to use NewClassName.
> 5. When all code has been adjusted, remove knotificationitem.h
> Aurélien
i do agree with Aaron that KStatusNotifier seems the nicer one because it -is- 
related to notifications and yes knotificationitem can suggest that is 
actually one of the notifications, so it can be improved.

that sounds like a good migration strategy, if KStatusNotifier is accepted 
enough by people and if there is someone willing to help with the process, we 
can do it even later today

Marco Martin

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