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Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Tue Oct 27 15:17:51 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 27 October 2009 15:40:16 Dawit A. wrote:
> On Sunday 25 October 2009 20:40:16 Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > > kwallet kwallet kwallet! :)
> > > it's the most vital part of kde integration for me (yes, even more
> > > that the
> > > filedialog ;). I have zillions of passwords I can't be bothered to
> > > remember.
> >
> > 
> > For password management there are two parts, the first is the QtWebKit
> > side (grabbing and loading forms) and the second is the hook to
> > KWallet via dbus.  I have finished the first part in Arora and
> > currently just save dump to disk the form data.  If someone wants to
> > help do the second part we could create a working code base that could
> > be shared.
> I do not mind taking a stub at the KWallet portion specially since I can
>  cheat  and look at what has already been done by khtml as a starting
>  point. Out of curiosity though how were you able to obtain form data from
>  QtWebKit in Qt 4.5 or were you able to achieve that through the new
>  QWebElement API in Qt 4.6 ? Anyhow, I will look into this when I get the
>  chance soon unless someone else beats me to it...

I'd be very interested in using this for some Silk-related code. I'm not sure 
integration in the kdewebkit kpart is good enough for my use cases. I'd basically 
like to be able to use it from a QWebView, and specifically from a QGraphicsWebView 
(the canvas one). If you'd keep that in mind while giving it a go, that would be 
awesome :)

If you've questions what we're doing exactly, let me know and I'll explain it in more 

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