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Chani chanika at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 22:11:39 GMT 2009

> >
> > > I only want to remind you the fiasco (Can't print in okular. can't do
> > > poster
> > > printing. why i can't print only odd pages?) of the killing of KDEPrint
> > > by forcing QPrinter on us that never got fixed and we are still
> > > suffering the consequences by asking us to rewrite what we already had
> > > working.
> >
> > This is completely different. It's unfortunate but if Nokia don't fix
> > fast enough or don't bring features fast enough, they have an open
> > repository where you can add what you would have done in KDEPrint.
> No i can't my religion doesn't allow me to develop for corporations for
>  free.

assuming you're writing any code for kde, you're already writing code for 
canonical, novell, etc. for free.

This message brought to you by eevil bananas and the number 3.
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