kdewebkit moved to kdereview

jonas gastal jgastal at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 17:39:58 GMT 2009

Hey, I hope it is not inapropriate to ask questions regarding kdewebkit
features here.

I'm helping out with rekonq development, and one of the features I was
working on was kwallet support. Currently rekonq uses QtWebkit since
kdewebkit is not yet in kdelibs. From what I understood in the comments
about the features of kdewebkit rekonq(and all other apps) will get kwallet
support for free when using kdewebkit, is that correct?

Jonas M. Gastal

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 8:56 AM, Urs Wolfer <uwolfer at kde.org> wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:15:33 +0100, Allan Sandfeld Jensen
> <kde at carewolf.com> wrote:
> > On Sunday 25 October 2009, Urs Wolfer wrote:
> >> I have just moved the kdewebkit lib from
> >>  playground/libs/webkitkde/kdewebkit into kdereview. It's the KDE
> >>  integration part of QtWebKit which is used directly in many apps and
> >>  libs
> >>  already (...which does *not* include the WebKit KPart). Any KDE app is
> >>  supposed to move to this integration lib when it is in kdelibs (plans
> >>  are
> >>  to move it to kdelibs/kdewebkit).
> >>
> > Where does webkit kpart go? I always assumed kdewebkit would move to
> > kdesupport and the webkitpart to extragear/libs.
> For the moment it will stay in playground. Only kdewebkit has been moved
> to
> kdereview.
> The KPart is not feature complete yet; KWallet integration is missing for
> example.
> Bye
> urs
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