Version mismatch when building trunk

Michael Jansen kde at
Mon Oct 19 18:14:22 BST 2009

> Something that boils down to the latter:
> o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o  <-Qt
>     \                       \
>      K--D--E <-4.6-patched   K'--D'--E'   <-4.7-patched
>             \                         \
>              `-------------------------M  <-latest-stable
> Commit M would be generate by
>   $ git merge --strategy=theirs 4.7-patched
> i.e. M is not a real content merge, but only takes over the contents of
> branch 4.7-patched. Someone who had checked out 4.6-patched can just "git
> pull" and will be fast-forwarded to M, which is identical (in contents) to
> 4.7-patched.
> [Except that --strategy=theirs does not exist; it has to be something like
>     $ git merge --strategy=ours --no-commit 4.7-patched
>     $ rm .git/index
>     $ git read-tree 4.7-patched
>     $ git commit
>     $ git status
>     $ git reset --hard && git clean -fd
> but only for the maintainer of the branch, of course.]
> > who's going to maintain such a branch, though?

Do you know why i'm pretty confident i never ever have to work with git in my 
daytime job? Every time someone suggests that, i just present these lines with 
the question: "Please explain to everyone in this room what happened there" 
:)) . And i won't except a line like *here a wonder happens* -> *desired 
result* .

Do you know why i'm scared? Because what you suggested seems to make sense and 
thiago understood it. And i thought i finally would make sense of git.
> Anybody can. Y'know this is git.

Perhaps like in everyone has the right/possibilities to do it. But i would say 
about 4 persons on this ml are able to do it in terms of knowledge. And i just 
multiplicated with 2 because i always do that with my estimations.


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