Version mismatch when building trunk

Michael Jansen kde at
Sat Oct 17 18:52:08 BST 2009

> > I didn't claim that it is perfect, but it beats rebuilding Qt and
> >  kdesupport twice because updating Qt did not actually update it.
> >
> > As I said I do a clean build (including prior removal of build and
> > install dirs) whenever updating Qt so the time needed for getting these
> > 170MB don't add that much overhead.
> I'm talking about the load on the server.
> And why do you want to download 170 MB again when those two commands I gave
> you allow you to do with less than 1% of that?

Just a short ... maybe dumb ... question. Is it worth the trouble to not track 
all remote branches. I mean instead of

 bash : 1015 ] $ git config --get-all remote.origin.fetch


[ bash : 1018 ] $ git config --get-all remote.origin.fetch

I know that means i have even more maintenance to do on version switches.

The question is if this really saves bandwith? And i don't necessarily mean 
only in the context of kdeqt. But for example the real qt repository.


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