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Em Sábado 17. Outubro 2009, às 03.32.36, Matthew Woehlke escreveu:
> I was referring to having to periodically switch branches. (Er... 
> technically I think you are forgetting a 'git clone'? svn was two 
> commands, 'co' and 'up'; with git you need clone, pull and occasionally 
> checkout to change branches. Or maybe one of those can also do a clone 
> when no repo exists yet, but...)


The only extra thing you need because of Git itself is the cloning.

The branch switching is necessary because I changed the workflow. I did so 
because we now have a public Qt Git repository with all real changes. So 
instead of having a code dump and about a dozen commits per year, we now have 
a repository with over 10000 commits in the 6 months it has existed.

Qt itself has branches (4.5, 4.6-stable, 4.6, master-stable, master, plus all 
the other repositories, like qt-x11-maemo:4.6-fremantle, kinetic:kinetic-
declarativeui, etc.) and tags.

The branch switching is necessary in the workflow I created because I'm 
treating kde-qt branches as patch queues. Each time I create a new branch, I 
reapply all the previous patches from KDE, while local changes, like backports 
from Qt itself, are lost. We start anew.

And this "starting anew" is something that the tool was not designed for. 
That's why it's slightly cumbersome for you.

Like I said, we can change the workflow and just have one recommended "master" 
branch. But since there will be no periodic cleanup done on it, I will not 
maintain it and will ignore it when it comes to bug reports.

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