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Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Thu Oct 8 14:32:40 BST 2009

On Monday 28 September 2009 12:15:49 Mehrdad Momeny wrote:
> Hi Sebastian and others,
> Yesterday the code and doc moved into KDE/kdepim ;)

I saw it. Congrats on getting it merged. Though I didn't see comments about code 
review. Has anybody done a code review yet?)

> Sebastian K?gler wrote:
> > Blogilo still doesn't retrieve the existing posts (from wordpress, is
> > that actually  supported?).
> >
> :-/ Really strange, Retrieving previous posts from server is a common job
> : for it! And it works well
> here!
> Could you run it from terminal (with debug output enabled) And let me see
>  the output!? (Maybe direct email or using forum is better idea, I don't
>  know if here is fine to continue this)

I've now done a clean build, and it does indeed retrieve posts. I'll have a look at 
what's wrong on the other machine...

> >I've actually disabled that in wordpress (changing \n into <br />). It
> > still happens though that line breaks are stripped out of my post, which
> > isn't useful if you often hand-write HTML.
> You know, It's a bit hard to do it!
> Editor supports HTML! When wordpress editor do not use them in common(I
>  mean <br/><p> ...)! And other editors do it!
> So It would be hard to manage multiple inputs!

Yes, I'm not saying it's an easy to solve problem. But keeping posts intact is a 
pretty important thing to many.

> BTW, QTextEdit lacks many features for html rendering! We should replace it
>  with something else for future, and A direct idea came into my mind is
>  using webkit + an html/javascript editor! If can't find any widget with
>  full support html and editing options...

Nooooo. In that case, I can just as well use wordpress' integrated editor. You could 
use the KatePart for editing html (and potentially switch to kwebdev once that's 
ported to KDE 4.
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