Adjustable Clock, Spell Check and Window List applets moved to kdereview

Emdek emdeck at
Sun Oct 4 19:33:13 BST 2009


I've moved Adjustable Clock, Spell Check and Window List applets to  
kdereview some minutes ago.
I want to move them to kdeplasma-addons or extragear eventually.

Adjustable Clock is a clock that uses WebKit to render advanced date and  
time formats (maybe it need some refactoring of configuration dialog,  
mostly hiding some not really needed or too advanced options).

Spell Check is applet for fast spell checking (dialog could be ported to  
QGraphicsView when bug with embedded pop ups will be fixed in Qt).

Window List is menu with list of opened windows (similar to applet for KDE  

I'm not subscribed to kde-core-devel so please CC my email or prefer  
Plasma devel list.
Additionally I'm going to be offline from Monday to Friday...

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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