Some shortcuts of kate view should be available in standard shortcuts menu

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Mar 31 07:34:22 BST 2009

On 30.03.09 18:18:04, Damien R wrote:
> Hi,
> I really want to setup some globals shortcuts to edit text. Some of
> them are in the kate view file and I want to use them in one-line text
> editor. So, I have created some new shortcuts to edit text and add
> them to klineedit. I have also updated kateview to use these new
> standard shortcuts and I hope this feature will be added in KDE. But I
> don't know if my patch is in the KDE spirit , so I'll appreciate
> feedback.

I like the idea, but...

The patch is incomplete, at least selectCharBack is missing from
kstandardshortcut.cpp. Also you're not setting existing default shortcuts from
kate in genshortcuts.cpp for some actions, for example SelectCharForward.
Last but not least there seems to be to many changed lines in
kstandardshortcut.cpp, there lines marked as changed which aren't (except
maybe for whitespace) so please clean that up a bit making sure your editor
doesn't fix whitespace at end of file or indentation automatically. That
also seems to break the table-alignment in that file.


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